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We have one single mission and one single focus and that is “keeping children safe while they are attending school”.  Whether they are attending elementary school, middle school, high school or college our children need to feel safe.

Announcement: Our new B.O.S.S. shield is available for purchase



Ballistic Panels for Classroom Doors

When a SHOOTER enters a school and a lock down occurs, we must be able to harden the classrooms, so the children inside remain safe and secure. Our ballistic panels for classroom doors are designed to keep the shooter out until law enforcement arrives on the scene. This ballistic panel is bolted to the inside of an existing classroom door and the door window is also made of ballistic material. The panel is finished to look like a white board. This panel will now stop rifle rounds and it is tested to meet NIJ standards.


Ballistic Shield (The BOSS) a Secure Our Schools EXCLUSIVE

After spending 33 years as a federal agent, executing hundreds of search and arrest warrants on armed convicted felons and carrying a 26 pound metal body bunker with a small viewport, I knew it was time for a change. This lightweight ballistic shield was designed for School Resource Officers to use in Active Shooter Situations. It is lightweight, provides a clear field of vision, easy to use in hallways, doorways and stairwells, as you engage an Active Shooter on the move..

The BOSS Shield weighing in at less than 16 pounds provides unlimited visibility for the operator and the backup officers.

The BOSS is easy to maneuver in stairwells, hallways and tight spaces and provides extra protection as you turn corners.

The BOSS protects vital areas that the ballistic vest can’t. The face the neck and the armpits are now protected and you also now have double Level IIIA protection center mass.

The BOSS is NIJ Certified and will reject all handgun ammunition up to 44 Magnum. During NIJ testing the BOSS rejected 5 rounds of 44 magnum 240 grain ammunition.

The BOSS placed in every Patrol Vehicle will now provide extra protection for all officers in Active Shooter Situations.

Ballistic Materials and Products to Harden Schools

Ballistic glass, ballistic doors and windows, ballistic partitions, ballistic white boards and Safe Rooms. (Offered by Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions LLC)  BGAS Website.


Ballistic Vests

For school security personnel


Electronic Locks

An automatic locking system for classroom doors that can be activated immediately to lock down all classroom doors and keep the shooter out.



We also sell and install Closed Circuit TV Systems, Access Control Systems and Electronic Security Systems for schools.

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